Voice of Customer

Ms. Chieko Makita

President, Inoue Kamaboko-ten (Kamakura) Co., Ltd.

I had hired coaches three times in the past. It was about 13-4 years ago for the very first time trial. The first coach was an American who lives in Japan. At that time, “coaching” itself was very new concept in Japan. That was just imported from US. Therefore, the coaching conversation was somehow formatted, but awkward, I remember. Honestly I was a bit puzzled for very translational phrases and techniques in the dialogue.

The second coach was several years later since then. I had acquainted some coach whom I had cross passed. At that time, there are some attention for the business coaching approach in Japan . However, at that time, I was really busy and I could not afford my time and energy enough to feel any merit from series of coaching session. In that sense, I could not fully utilized the coaching session effectively.

So Taka Sakai is third coach for me, and for the first time, I felt a coaching worked. I think there are mainly three reason why it works effectively. First, I have accustomed to the coaching method. As second, I now have some time and energy for the series of coaching session to utilize for my business. And third and the biggest reason is Taka’s frank personality. He listens to me carefully. He also like joke. Although, I think his sense of joke is not so talented, but it is enjoyable. I think we could built a good relationship.

As the merits of coaching by Taka, I feel his questions have been made me think about the some specific action to achieve my goal. For example, he usually asks “How do you think you can reach there”. That kind of question is specific and effective. I am able to clarify what I should do to achieve the goal, and execute those action to forward.

Isao Yokosawa

President, Higenopanya Limited

Taka’s personality
Mr. Sakai has various global perspectives from his business expertise. He had been working for global companies such as Mobil, and Amazon around 20 years. On the top of that, he got an MBA from one of the top US University, and got BA on technology from one of the top JP University. He had been in US for round 5 years. Those background gives him a good cultural mixture. Especially, he was in charge of starting Amazon Japan as project manager. He had been assigned as a supply chain project manager who actively took new country business launch project from Amazon.com headquarter in Seattle, WA. I can say from my relationship with him, he has good sense of business and entrepreneurship to broaden my business viewpoint.

Coaching Merit
Mr. Sakai has been providing open dialog which makes me calm down and focus management issue. Such conversation provides me objective viewpoints which are required for the top management. It reminds me that all of the answers to resolve any company facing issues are being inside of myself As a result, I have been changing my communication and actions for my staff. Those change has been delivering better results of my company.

Other comments
Currently, I asked him to expand his support for my daughter who will be my successor, and some leader-class employees. Taka is now providing not only coaching session but also management consulting. As I continue his coaching session, I felt inevitably and naturally that he should extend his service area. He has wide perspective and expertise in business on the top of coaching skills. Other than that, he has several attractive personality as a friend whom I want to retain such as kindness, brightness, and humor. I believe if he would have provides only a coaching simply, I would not have asked him to involve my company staff widely and actively.

In fact, the Yokohama Bakery Store, which is our main store, has started to show good sign for recovery on revenue.
Taka has started his interaction with us by providing coaching session by tele-conference, facilitating store morning meeting session, and facilitating strategic team meeting, in a short period of time. We are not good at recruiting so talented persons, and therefore, there is not many high potential leader to grow up in my company. For myself, I am not well organized management to build my business structure.

I think that Taka is superior me on a business model knowledge, scope of vision, and experience for business organization, which he has earned in the global companies and MBA program interactions. I appreciate him continuously support us to improve our business management skills/structures which we are lacking now, as an external brain.

Ms. S. K. (female 60s)

Director, Accounting and Finance, working for one of the most reputed Convenience Store Company in Japan.

Taka’s Personality
Taka is pretty good at actively listening. This is very effective, especially when I do not clearly see what the problems are by myself. He lets me consider what the problems are and organize the counter action for these. He is easy to talk, frank, and optimistic. Since he had been working for a couple of foreign companies, he can provide a different and global perspectives, which someone cannot offer if he/she had only domestic companies experience in Japan for sure.

Coaching Merit
Although I cannot verify the coaching merit with numbers precisely, I feel that it is very helpful to have coaching session regularly. Specifically, it is effective in looking back to do list, and prioritizing tasks of work. Through Taka’s coaching session, I can set clear goals, and feel confident that I can deliver these. I cannot escape to complete things, if I says that I would take action to him. I am positive about the merits of theses from coaching session. The conversation creates some pressure against me since I cannot hide anymore once I openly discuss to do something with him!

Moreover, I am very busy person to discuss something deeply in business hours. So if you talk to Taka for an hour, you will find that you can come up much deeper consideration than you think alone. You will be surprised to find out how such a wonderful ideas are inside of you already. Sometimes I feel that is a magic.

Mr. M. N, (male 40’s)

Operations Director, working for one of the leading Global IT Company

Taka’s Personality
Business Perspectives: I feel that he has various business experience. He use such knowledge when he provides coaching session.
Pacing based on Client’s: He would not make his own pace but he would adopt my pace when we have conversation. Therefore, you would not get strange pressure. Just a smooth conversation.
Dive deep understanding: In his business coaching, you can have a session in high-content, and in high-dimensional, and deep discussion

Coaching Merit
Pacemaker: I am a very busy person in business, but I can recall what my pace is since Taka would be a good company to forward ahead.
Elimination of Unnecessary troubles and stress: His coaching is helpful to think optimistically and think about actions concretely, rather than suffering and doing nothing.
Time to organization and confirmation of idea: You can clarify what you are thinking ambiguously. Also you can confirm your thoughts through his coaching session.

Other comments
Again, I feel that his session is very high-level in terms of business management. I also think that Mr. Sakai himself has a high level of knowledge and experience as a business management, not to mention the skill of coaching.

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