SNC Vison. Who we are.

  • We are being the most effective company, which maximizes one’s performance.
  • We are creating the society, where all people can know their own strengths and grow based on them.

SNC Action. What we are doing.

  • We are providing a mechanism, which adopts client’s strengths fully to use for one’s success.
  • We are providing a mechanism, which improves team-work to maximize the capability as a management-team.

Dear Presidents,

How do you utilize your employees’ strength for your team’s success?
I have been with in Seattle, started from July, 2000 by the end of 2009.While I was there, I was in charge of Amazon Japan launch project and then engaged in its growth from zero to multi-billion dollar business in Japan. Meanwhile, I have learned how outstanding leader’s presence would influence employees’ mind-set drastically.Let me introduce Vision which is get started by Jeff Bezos, founder of
First of all, he says,
Amazon is being the company, which deliver anything to customers all over the world through internet.
And as second he says,
Amazon is being Earth’s most customer-centric company.
His Vision would makes all Amazon employees’, A.K.A. Amazonian, direction when any Amazonian would wonder which way to go in any difficult business situation.
Also, there is one clear principle, A.K.A. “Regret Minimizing Framework”. This means "It is better to regret by doing something, than to regret by doing nothing. From the first place,, we are trying to accomplish something which has ever been before. We are encouraged to attempt new idea under such a leader who respects the challenging spirits.
Sodan Net Com will provide Executive Coaching which will maximize your presence as a leader in your entity. Specifically, we will let you understand your competency more deeply in order to adopt your strength for being the best leader whom you really want to be. Also we offer a program to improve the relationship in order to make your team's performance outstanding.
These outcome will be accomplished not only by our efforts, but also your commitments. We appreciate your warm-hearted support to make the society, in which people can grow to their strength. Our life time is limited. And there is not enough time to cry for ourselves weak points. Rather we need to focus to optimize our strength and adopt them effectively for our success. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Taka Sakai
Executive Coach and Company Representative
Sodan Net Com Co., Ltd.
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