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Explore one’s strengths, and adopt the strengths for success.

Whom may concern

Leaders, i.e., Head of Company and Head of Department

About Leadership Coaching

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About our Leadership Coaching

Our basic idea for coaching

  • We, coach, build equal and honest relationship with a client. The only and most important purpose of the partnership is to maximize client’s capability for their success.

  • In the session, both the coach and the client actively engaged to build a good and open relationship with each other’s efforts.

  • As Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), without the permission from the client, we do not disclose the details of the session to any outsider.

  • Eight Coaching Anchor are as follows.

Sodan Net Com Eight Coaching Anchor

1. True Unification Build accountable relationship by each other.
2. Mission Make up one’s mind to make the society happiness.
3. Intuition Feel “Ah-Ha”, flash light in the moment.
4. Paradigm Change Wake up new perception.
5. Active Learning Do and Learn from activities.
6. Uniqueness Value to be unique.
7. Possibility Believe the possibility of human being.
8. Diversity Respect the diversity

About Leadership Coaching

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