Do you know how a coaching would work? And have you ever tried? I hope you have a good sense what is a coaching.

Coaching has a long history. But the application for business is recent practice. Rather “coaching” is pretty famous among sports athletes such as baseball, marathon, ice skating.

Coaching Overview

A coaching is not something invented, but is explored. We, human being, use those methods from immemorial days. However there has not been such sensation for those methods in business until recently. Now we are gathering those expertise & skills, standardized them so that we can expect certain result no matter who would utilize. The basic coaching concept is, a coach will work for one’s clients to maximize their capability so that they can achieve their own goals. The point is that a coach would let clients grow by themselves, not push them to grow by teaching or forcing to do something.

A Basic coaching process is to have one-one session with a client, for 45 minutes to 90 minutes periodically, depending on the clients’ situation. Generally, a coaching has principles as follow.

① Interactive communication

A coach does not teach. Rather a coach would maximize a client capability so that one can be a person with integrity. A coach does not order anything, rather they would care and acknowledge a client to grow. A great coach would listen 99 % in a coaching session. A coach will listen actively not only by their ears, but also eyes, and heart so that he/she can understand what clients really want to be and want to do.

② On going

A coaching is ongoing relationship between a coach and a client. A coach will have periodical session with a client. The session itself is very important, however more important is a period of time between a session and a session. How the clients would act by themselves what they have committed in the coaching session are the results. Good coach will work together with a clients until they change their mind-set, paradigm, and act so that they can achieve their own goals.

③ Personalized communication

Every client has his/her own communication style. For instance, a client wants to clarify the meaning of words in a conversation. Another client wants to use some figure such as graph, chart, or even numbers to convey his/her consideration. Or another client wants to use metaphor or some stories which happened in the history. A effective coach would understand and adopt each one’s own communication style so that the coach can maximize the client’s capability with effective conversation.

A coach is different from a school teacher, a manager of company, or a parent. Rather the coach is an equal partner of the client who is receiving coaching. In other words, the coach is another existence who has a other perspective and experience of the client. The coach would not only advice, consult, or teach, but also would draw the future together, think the goal together for the clients as a partner. The coach would provide the objective viewpoints. In other words, the coach would work as a mirror which reflect the truth of the client.

Coaching History

It was not so long time ago that coaching was systematized. I have got my certification from Coaching Training Program (CTP) which is offered by one of the oldest coaching institution in Japan, Coach A Inc. The institution is providing the CTP which is originally created by the Coach University in the US in 90s.  Mr. Thomas Leonard with other key members established the university and International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF is a global coach association which aim to standardize coaching principles, skills, knowledge, and clients experience.

There is an episode for Thomas Leonard. He had been just a financial planner who was not so successful. He was introvert, shy, and not assertive. Although he had been a financial planner, he was always on the verge of bankruptcy because he had not enough clients for his business to grow.

But one day, he had received a question from one of his clients. “Thomas, I’m going to buy a new car, but not sure what kind of car I should get. Can you give me some advice?” Although he thought that was not an appropriate request for the financial planner to advise, he asked a couple of question for him such as, “For what purpose do you want a car?”, “What kind shape/color you like?”, “How old type it should be?” “How much you can pay?” and so on.

His client interacted with Thomas for a while, and said at the end. “Thank you, Thomas. Now I clearly understood which car I wanted. I’m looking for the car based on our conversation.” He looked confident, and left the place. In other words, he solved his problem by himself and was able to take next action. Thomas thought. “I do nothing for him, but this dialogue seems to let him decide and act by himself. Maybe I have discovered a valuable method for some solution?”

After that, he continued his research based on the experience gained from the dialogue at that time and eventually developed a coaching program which is a series of systematized communication methods. That was the beginning of coaching in recent years. This method is not what he has invented originally, but it is discovered and structured by him. As a matter of fact, these dialogue has been a general method widely used in the human beings from the ancient time by the leader.

For example, in the period of the 6th century B.C. in China, there was famous Philosopher, Mr. Confucius (孔子). He had open dialogue methodology with his disciples which he used to maximize the capability of each one of them. He had researched the truth of what the most human-like way of living in the time. His disciples summarized his findings in thesis and that has been impacted China and other countries including Japan. I believe it is one of the coaching training program in ancient time. Again, recent coaching training program and coaching method is not invented newly but discovered and standardized to fit for current business world. It originally existed in human beings from a long time ago. It is common sense and one of the most valuable asset of human beings.

Coaching definition

Coach A Inc., which is a coaching training institution where I got a certified coach accreditation, defines coaching as follows.

“A coaching is the process to identify what knowledge, skills, tools are necessary for a client to achieve the client’s own goal. And let him/her to be prepared with those resource in personalized way”

It may be a bit confusing.

Sodan Net Com Inc. defines A Coaching as follows.

“In order to realize the client’s goal, a coach will do all kinds of support to maximize the client’s strengths.

In order to achieve a clients’ goal, there are variety of services for them, in general. For example, for a person who want to go to a college, there are preparatory schools such as Sundai-Yobikou and Kawai-Juku, reputed preparatory school in JP. For English Language certification test, there are many English schools. In order to obtain a car license, there are many schools for car license.

A Coaching is same story. It is a supportive service for clients to achieve their own goal in the business world. Specifically, Sodan Net Com aims to be the best partner for you to achieve your own ultimate goals in your business, which you want to accomplish in your life. Please talk to us your ambitious goals so that we can assist you as a strongest business partner.

To succeed

What are most important things to succeed? First of all, that is “take action”. Without any action, we cannot go anywhere. Second of all, that is to “continue” these action without giving up until you achieve your goal. In order to evoke and continue actions, you need enough fuel. For example, “passion”, “belief” , “skill”, and various “resources” are all necessary.

There is something I have understood a little by little while I have been working as a coach so far. It is that human beings are very strange and very interesting existing. Interestingly enough, no matter how high potential the person has, he/she will not go forward at all, if the person dose not believe in his/her action from the bottom of one’s heart. In other words, the person’s capability fluctuates greatly depending on how much he/she can believe what he/she will be and will do.

Imagine when you lack a confidence to deliver something, can you outperform under such condition? A coaching will provide both fulfillment and balance for you to forward to your vision at high energy level. If you are someone who want to achieve your own goal in your life, please contact us so that we can assist you to arrive there. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your consideration.

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